Whaleboat C23 - The world's best adventure row boat

After years of designing, building and rowing my ocean going rowboats, I now proudly present you the result of all this hard work:
the C23, the world's best adventure row boat.

Visit the C23 website for more information: www.c23.be


2 paduk hatches for a 46 ft Princess motoryacht


2 paduk hatches for a 46 ft Princess motoryacht

Three new boats in the making

We currently have 3 building projects in the workshop:


A superfast sailboat for 2, an oceangoing rowboat also for 2, and a traditional motorboat. 
The sailboat will be made out of ply, CNC routed, while the rowboat is made of structural PVC foam combined with flax! and epoxy. The traditional motorboat will be built stripplanked with laminated veneers, coldmolded.

At this stage the rowboat nears completion:

Oceangoing rowboat - structural PVC foam, flax and epoxy

Lines plan and halfmodel of the classic motorboat

Lines plan and 3 dimensional Delft ship prints for the sailboat


Slag om Gent - 25 augustus 2012


Ommelander update

And the deck work continues: plastic tape was put in the now routed seams (green), and the next step now is filling the seams with special flexible polymere (black).

During restoration we discovered two of the six windows weren't aligned properly (port and starboard), so now we'll insert a solid mahogany piece into the cockpit's plank so we can move the window opening slightly to the right - more pictures will follow.


Restoration of steel yacht Drakkar

Overall view of sailing yacht Drakkar


Restoration of original planking - detail of restored crack in mahogany


Mastfoot restoration with wooden dovetails and stainless steel plates for strengthening

Refit for the cockpit woodwork: inserting new windows, restoring cracked mahogany panels, waterproofing superstructure among others

Pimping a polyester hatch

This customer's electric river-launch needed a facelift so we provided a beautiful teak/paduk custom hatch, with a stainless steel inlay of the owner's logo, symbolizing his house amidst the meandering river. 


Got an engine problem?

Whaleboat now offers mechanical repair services, from checking the oil level to a complete rebuild of your engine and other mechanical components. We also specialise in the restoration of antique marine engines, inboard and outboard.

Rebuilding a 1980's Evinrude V4 outboard petrol engine 

Installation of Yanmar 3 cylinder diesel engine with new coupling, bearings and propeller shaft.

Overhauling original Perkins 4.236 marine engine

Ommelander update

New knee and partly replaced laminated oak ribs
New steam-bent and copper-riveted oak ribs with new oak stringer

Restoration of cracked mahogany cockpit plank: old plank routed and new piece glued with epoxy. On the inside we're testing a strengthening system with oak frames. Aesthetics do matter!

Refurbished entrance door

Restored jib, sitka spruce

The start of the rebuilt cockpit

After careful examination of old rudder, we decided to build a brand new one in oak and stainless steel, TIG welded

Replacement of the old epoxied fiberglass on the cabinroof

Restoration of wooden sailboat "Vaurien"


New bow, new floors, new seats. Inserted dutchman to restore broken planking caused by collision. Repainted and revarnished.

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