Whaleboat C23 - The world's best adventure row boat

After years of designing, building and rowing my ocean going rowboats, I now proudly present you the result of all this hard work:
the C23, the world's best adventure row boat.

Visit the C23 website for more information:


Three new boats in the making

We currently have 3 building projects in the workshop:


A superfast sailboat for 2, an oceangoing rowboat also for 2, and a traditional motorboat. 
The sailboat will be made out of ply, CNC routed, while the rowboat is made of structural PVC foam combined with flax! and epoxy. The traditional motorboat will be built stripplanked with laminated veneers, coldmolded.

At this stage the rowboat nears completion:

Oceangoing rowboat - structural PVC foam, flax and epoxy

Lines plan and halfmodel of the classic motorboat

Lines plan and 3 dimensional Delft ship prints for the sailboat


Whaleboat in Café Sport, Horta, Faial, Azores


Look closer.... a little closer... there it is! The Whaleboat sticker right in the middle of the legendary Café Sport counter!

A new GoPro camera! But is it working?!

Extreme close-up

Interested in taking a boatbuilding course with us?

We just finished a training course in Bruges, at Archonaut vzw, and another one is nearing its end. In 10 weeks 7 students built a 4,5 m dory, larch on oak. Here are some pictures taken during the course.
If you're interested in participating in a future course, make sure to leave your contact details with us or with Archonaut!

Archonaut course: building a dory in 10 weeks

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Reminiscences of the summer..


No, not digging for gold in some old shipwreck, just getting the trailer out, after a stormy day at the beach

Whaleboat beachtrailer
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