Whaleboat at Blankenberge

Stella update: revision of Stella's flexible coupling

all new and good to go!

DSC03986comp DSC03987comp DSC04002comp

Stella update: new steering wheel

I had been looking for a long time for a new steering wheel, but never found one with the right diameter and the right looks. So I decided (again) to build one from scratch. A stainless steel bar bent around a wooden mould and spotwelded makes the frame. The rods supporting the handles were turned on the lathe and metric screw-thread was cut. The wooden handles I made on the woodturning lathe from some meranti leftovers. Pleased with the result!

new steering wheel for Stella new steering wheel for Stella new steering wheel for Stella

Starting up the orignal Perkins marine engine of the Stella

After 12 years of storage (outside, under a tarpaulin) we managed to bring the old Perkins back to life. For the first attempt 4 batteries 12V were used, but.. no luck.

So we brought in the mighty Mitsubishi Galant, half the engine's age (20 years) and tried again. We're getting closer..

Friend and ultra-mechanic Emmanuel Dekeyser brings in some engineering magic, and there we go! Champagne! Edelweiss, edelweiss..

The engine runs smoothly, and only a small leakage in the exhaust/manifold appeared......

Some action shots

Snapshots while building the deck house, hatches, floor panels and other wooden things..

tenon and mortise joint larch panel nailing iroko strips on the deck beams iroko strips front panel: paduk carving the motor hatch wheelhouse hatches wheelhouse front wheelhouse door and windows wheelhouse front windows

Forgot to mention..

If you ever need a strip-bending device, call our human screw jack. We call him Willy and his number is 047598...


Finished deck house

There we go! The wheel house as it will serve on the boat. This construction was made out of meranti, with larch panels and some paduk for the finishing touch. No screws or nails were used, just some good old dovetails, tenon and mortise joints and of course the inevitable boatbuilding glues - adding up to a very solid and beautiful entity.

DSC03716comp DSC03721comp DSC03725comp
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