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2 paduk hatches for a 46 ft Princess motoryacht


2 paduk hatches for a 46 ft Princess motoryacht

Restoration of steel yacht Drakkar

Overall view of sailing yacht Drakkar


Restoration of original planking - detail of restored crack in mahogany


Mastfoot restoration with wooden dovetails and stainless steel plates for strengthening

Refit for the cockpit woodwork: inserting new windows, restoring cracked mahogany panels, waterproofing superstructure among others

Pimping a polyester hatch

This customer's electric river-launch needed a facelift so we provided a beautiful teak/paduk custom hatch, with a stainless steel inlay of the owner's logo, symbolizing his house amidst the meandering river. 


Restoration of wooden sailboat "Vaurien"


New bow, new floors, new seats. Inserted dutchman to restore broken planking caused by collision. Repainted and revarnished.

Restoration of woodcore stripplanked tender

This little tender was crushed between some boats, so I repaired the sheerplanks (new mahogany gunwhales with shipjoints) and gave her a complete facelift: new layers of varnish and three coats of two-component highgloss paint.

Restored tender Restored tender

Restored deck table

The top of this old deck table was too far gone, so I made a new one from pear planks, and coated it with three layers of lineseed oil and four layers of Epifanes boat varnish. I managed to save the original frame, except for some rotten spots which I refitted with new pieces of mahogany.

Restoration deck table

New rudder for an old(er) boat

1. Optimization of the rudder of one of our displacement hulls: TIG welded stainless steel
2. the wing shape of the rudder is clearly visible
3. old vs new: manoeuvrability should increase with 30%

new rudder new rudder - wing shape new rudder vs old rudder

Fitting a new garboard in rowboat

Step 1 - removing the split garboard
Step 2 - sawing and hollowing out the new plank
Step 3 - fitting and final fixing of the new garboard

new garboard step 1 new garboard step 2 new garboard step 3
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