Hot news - surfboat with CNC routed frames

We're making a boat in collaboration with the Technical Institute of Tielt, the VTI.
They will provide us the frame of a prototype surfboat, completely CNC routed!
This time I want to build a light boat that will litterally click together like the famous dinosaurs models do. So I got to the drawing board and sketched the lines of this new surfboat. Evert Lataire, homie and naval architect, ran these lines through his computer and enabled me to make a paper model.
Nice, like a giant fishbone!

Next, Bram Van Oost, a VTI student and computer wizzard, got in action and redrew the hull in KeyCreator, a highly specialized CNC program.
And that's where we have to take a break, for a while at least. Bloody exams!

No worries, news will follow shortly.

Ella sketch Ella paper model