Halfmodels and computer programs

August 20th, 2007
The construction of our new boats always starts with the making of a halfmodel, as was done centuries ago.
By making this halfmodel, the boatbuilder gets a 'feel' of the performances of the boat and the way the shape of the hull will behave under motor, sail or oars. The model is carved from one piece of hardwood, straight grained and dry. The boatbuilder tunes the shape of the hull with spoke shave until it is perfectly sanded and can be finished bright. Completely finished, the model is now cut in pieces, vertically from the baseline, and the pieces are numbered, from stem till stern. The lines were the model is sawn, will become the different frames of the future boat.

Now, every piece is individually put on a scanner. They are scanned, and with the aid of a computerprogram virtually glued together to form the lineplan of the boat. Here tradition finds the digital age and forms a magnificent team. When the CAD program has checked the hull for anomalies, it gives us further information: waterlines, buttocks, weight etc. When all parameters are set, the fullsize prints are a piece of cake.