The birth of a new (Whale)boat - part 3

The model being cut now, we're ready for scanning.
Each of the 10 pieces (this model is scaled 1/10) is scanned and reassembled digitally to form the eventual bodyplan. In the same way, the sideview of the boat is completed, and all this together forms the lineplan which we will use to start building this boat.

new (Whale)boat halfmodel being scanned new (Whale)boat halfmodel being scanned new (Whale)boat halfmodel being scanned

A new CNC chapter

May 14th, 2008
Hip hip hurray, our CNC routed frames for the surfboat Ella are ready.

Thanks to the top quality work of CNC specialists Bram Van Oost and teacher Freddy Gernaiye the new frames are a fact!

We set up the backbone of the boat for try out and it looked fantastic. Can't wait to plank this beauty!

More news to come.

Click here for more pictures.

Hot news - surfboat with CNC routed frames

We're making a boat in collaboration with the Technical Institute of Tielt, the VTI.
They will provide us the frame of a prototype surfboat, completely CNC routed!
This time I want to build a light boat that will litterally click together like the famous dinosaurs models do. So I got to the drawing board and sketched the lines of this new surfboat. Evert Lataire, homie and naval architect, ran these lines through his computer and enabled me to make a paper model.
Nice, like a giant fishbone!

Next, Bram Van Oost, a VTI student and computer wizzard, got in action and redrew the hull in KeyCreator, a highly specialized CNC program.
And that's where we have to take a break, for a while at least. Bloody exams!

No worries, news will follow shortly.

Ella sketch Ella paper model
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