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The birth of a new (Whale)boat - part 3

The model being cut now, we're ready for scanning.
Each of the 10 pieces (this model is scaled 1/10) is scanned and reassembled digitally to form the eventual bodyplan. In the same way, the sideview of the boat is completed, and all this together forms the lineplan which we will use to start building this boat.

new (Whale)boat halfmodel being scanned new (Whale)boat halfmodel being scanned new (Whale)boat halfmodel being scanned

My workshop

This is where Whaleboats are being built. Go to the gallery for pictures.

Whaleboat workshop

It doesn't always have to be a boat

Just to prove all you cabinet makers in the world that boatbuilders can build something that is perfectly straight, I made myself a new workbench. And she's made out of oak, ash and padouk, mostly from short pieces I saved especially for this project.
Some of the metal stuff I created myself on the lathe, but most of the turning was done by Jan Martens, my mastercraftsman and teacher for seven years now, whose help and mentorship brought me to where I am now.

Cabinet makers' bench Cabinet makers' bench Cabinet makers' bench - Mark of Excellence Cabinet makers' bench - dovetails Cabinet makers' bench - dovetails Cabinet makers' bench

Halfmodel of the new open motor launch finished (The birth of a new (Whale)boat - part 2)

After a few evenings of carving, the model is ready for being ripped to pieces. It will be sawn in 10 pieces to allow scanning in the next phase.

Halfmodel open motor launch

The birth of a new (Whale)boat

Since we are developing a new boat I will try from now on to post pictures and text of the birth of our new baby on a monthly base. From her early days - my sketches and of course the wooden model - over the CAD plans to the set up and building to the moment she will finally hit the water.
This 7 meter open wooden motor launch will be built larch on oak frames according to my halfmodel. She will be powered by a 30 hp diesel engine - inboard or outboard.

Birth of a new (Whale)boat

Bartman tests new amphibious vehicle - by Whaleboat

Whaleboat creates a completely new concept of amphibious vehicle, planning to overrule Branson's record crossing the channel!

No, seriously, this is the best city-transportation for your outboard motor..

A new CNC chapter

May 14th, 2008
Hip hip hurray, our CNC routed frames for the surfboat Ella are ready.

Thanks to the top quality work of CNC specialists Bram Van Oost and teacher Freddy Gernaiye the new frames are a fact!

We set up the backbone of the boat for try out and it looked fantastic. Can't wait to plank this beauty!

More news to come.

Click here for more pictures.

RIB competition - tender sea trial: 11 men is one too many..

April 27th, 2008
Try this with a 3,8 m RIB!
800 kg in our little tender and still rowing - for a while anyway.
Mission accomplished.

RIB competition

New pictures online! Go to the picture gallery.

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